Stans Tire Barn - They cussed at me told me to shut radio off

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I pulled into Stans Tire Barn with my girlfriend in Lincoln N.H.told them what I needed for tires.

While they were taking my tires off they told me to turn my f'n radio down so I turned it down. Then they told me to f'n shut it off, it wasn't loud in the first place.

I couldn't believe they'd treat their customers like this.Then I asked Stan for my receipt he responded saying " Why didn't you f"n ask me for it 5min ago you wont ever catch me there again Every time someone tells me to get my tires from Stans I tell them what happened to me there This was unbelieveable an unamerican

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West Danville, Vermont, United States #929055

WoW,Stans Tire Barn always Had Good Deals,I am 28 and live in Wells River vt Im One To Always Support Local Small Businesses I'd buy from there rather than wal-mart or a chain just to support the town and more people should do that to help out their community Honestly Why Not Support someone in your town and there family rather than a chain where the owner is rich anyways and you will never meet them no thanks.I Have a few choice words, but im going to refrain because i'm a little confused, you said "while they were taking my tires off".

Were they changing your tires on the car..? and if so why would you be in the car with the radio on in the first place never heard such a thing. Or do you mean while they were taking them off a rack of some sort to sell the tires too you just curious because its not common to have your radio on and be in the car to begin with while its being worked on....But here it goes None the less to "Thunk From Concord NH" You Sir are a *** Talking like that you dont know the situation nor the "KID" Loud Music in your car is not the end of the world and by far dont make someone a punk they way you respond to that complaint makes you look like a self centered alcoholic that has no spiritual sense of well being Music Is amazing and has been around for a long time Loud music can be really spiritual and can do great things for the soul, there is a time and place for it i agree.

but the way they talked to this young man was complete *** he is a customer who is handing them money to help support them if they really swore at him in front of his gf thats so rude they could of asked politely thats all and asking for his receipt and getting swore at again is crazy..i was not there but even if this gentleman told them No i wont turn it down they should have just said politely that they would not service him if it was such a huge deal to them instead they acted like children yet they still took this "PUNKS" money without a problem.Honestly they are adults and even more so the owner talking like that was wrong rude and uncalled for if he can handle situations like that he should not own the company!!!!

Concord, New Hampshire, United States #654166

You went to a used tire shop in small town NH.What did you expect, Martha Stewart as your service consultant?

You sure must have been disappointed when a mechanic changed your tire and not a German Engineer named Hans in a white smock. Life must be hard for you.

I'll give you a tip: if you act like a punk, with your stereo cranked and a give a *** attitude, don't act like a little *** when people treat you like a punk.Easy math, kid.


what kind of comment is that??die of aids..

u need to grow up and not b such a ***...just because of ur statements im making it a point to go there and get tires on every rig in my yard..


I was really surprised to read this.I haven't been to Stan's in about 15 years but am planning to call today so Googled number and saw your complaint.

I was once a regular customer and never bought tires elsewhere. I went there 2xs a year for summer and winter tires over a 10 year period and was always treated with respect. Granted, I am a woman and perhaps they treat men differently, but I agree that loud radios in cars is very annoying. Rule of thumb here is same as will cell phones.

It is rude to blast your radio and talk on cell phones when doing business.

That said, they should not swear at customers either.I am guessing there may be more to the story, but I will be going there next week and see for myself.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #195580

Also genius Stan. I would have asked for it five minutes ago but I wasnted my song to finish and I had to listen again cause you told me to turn the *** volume down. I hope you die from AIDS.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #195578

Brian I was there and it was loud. Perhaps it was not loud for you because listening to 100 plus decibles made you deaf. But trust me I could listen to the music even when both our windows were down and the road was vibrating because of the noise.

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